Privacy Policy

When you use our services, you trust us with your information and data. This privacy policy is designed to help you understand how we use this information, what information we collect, and why we use this information. Chrono Pop LLC recognizes that privacy is important and we hope this policy will provide clarity on use of this information and data.

There are multiple ways to access our services, including but not limited to using a web browser, using a mobile app, using a mobile web browser, using a third-party affiliated website, or using our APIs either directly or via a third-party's use of our APIs. This policy covers all information collected in these manners, or in any other manners.

This policy applies to all websites and services operated and/or offered by Chrono Pop LLC ("services"), including third-party websites. This could also include services that we host, create, or manage for third parties that use or collect your information in tangent with our services, or services we provide to third parties that use or collect your information in tangent with our services. Any time you access any service we provide, your access is governed by this policy. If a particular product has additional privacy practices, you will find those along with that product.

Information We Collect
When you use our services we collect a variety of information of all kinds. This can include information that is personal, such as (but in no way limited to) your phone number, or less personal information such as the type of browser you are using.

Sometimes we may collect this information specifically, on you as an individual or user of our service, or we may aggregate and/or collate this data. We may also collect data and make calculations based on that data to figure out things about you, such as what your preferences are.

Information is collected through many methods. If you provide us information by filling out a form, that information is of course collected. When you access our services, our servers automatically collect information about the connection you used, the data you accessed, and/or the interaction you had with our service. We record information about any transactions you make with us. Sometimes when you access our services through a third-party, they provide us with information. We may also collect information from third parties when verifying information you provide, such as (but not limited to) checking your IP address against spam blacklists.

The information we collect can be either very broad in scope, such as information about what types of browsers are used most commonly by our users, or it can be very specific in scope such as what is your favorite genre of Television or where you live.

We may use the information gathered in a number of ways. These include rendering and displaying the webpages you request, providing you with a particular service, improving our services, maintaining our services and our security, research, analysis, auditing, complying with legal requirements, presenting advertisements, and more.

We may use the information we gather to improve our services or present our services to you. This may include identifying specific information in your account and analyzing it in the provision of service to you or to others. We could, for example, learn or compute that you like a specific TV show, and present it to you to watch (or present a related ad to you). We may use your information in the aid of recognizing patterns in the use of our services.

We may use information gathered to contact you and inform you about our services, such as letting you know via email or text message about future improvements or changes. We could mail you postcards promoting something, or use your information to market to you. We may also have partners and affiliates that we work closely with and do these things.

We may use the information you provide in your public profile across our services. For example, you may be able to choose a username, upload photos, write a biography, list your favorite things, or more using our services, and this information will be public.

Our systems and administrators may analyze your preferences, content, posts, and messages to provide you with information and experiences directly relevant to you, including tailored search, advertising, or even spam/malware detection. We may use it in the course of researching how we might improve our services, how we might improve our security, or how we might better market our services.

Sometimes we are only the host, developer, or manager of a web platform or service. In such cases, the owning entity may own and utilize your data. In many cases, their use will be subject to the same policy, but we are under no obligation to regulate the privacy practices of these other entities, and you understand that their use may be different.

We may use or share this information with third-parties for processing, based on our instructions. We may share information with outside companies, organizations, or individuals if we have a good-faith belief that it would be required to meet applicable laws, regulations, or subpoenas, in the course of enforcing our terms of service or protecting others, in the course of protecting harm to us, in the course of detecting or preventing fraud or security issues, or in compliance with a subpoena.

Non-personal information could be shared publically, such as with our partners and advertisers, for example to show trends about the general use of our services.

No Warranty
These services are provided with NO WARRANTY, neither expressed nor implied.

We do not sell, rent, or give away your personal information in bulk to third parties. We are not in the business of collecting your information to be sold to others. However, if you provide us information in partnership with a third party, we can use your information in tangent with them. (Such as if you purchase something from a third party, that third party can utilize any information we obtain.) We use your data in the course of doing the business and services we provide. We may allow our partners to use personal information when related to or required to provide you with a particular service you request. We typically process information on well protected servers in the United States of America, however we may process data elsewhere, including countries where you do not reside.
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