Masks are encouraged.


Hilton Hotel Omaha

1001 Cass Street
Omaha, NE 68102
April 14 - 16, 2023

Health & Safety is our top priority.

Temperature checks for staff
Attendance limited to some events
Masks strongly encouraged
Sanitizer required at all rooms

What should you expect?

Kanpai!Con is a community-focused annual Japanese cultural appreciation convention, with a focus on anime, manga, and Japanese video gaming. Come to socialize with new friends in various settings, including our formal ball, room parties, and concerts. Wear your cosplay, meet incredible special guests, and have fun in a family-friendly convention setting.

Formal Dance photo from Kanpai! Con.

Meet organizes eight annual anime conventions across the country. Our focus is always on providing the best convention experience to our attendees, winning us tens of thousands of lifelong loyal fans. We promise to give you the best, smoothest convention experience possible. We have full time staff and our average department head has run over a dozen conventions. It's our goal to connect you with members of the industry - voice actors, directors, writers, and more - and connect you with other fans.

Harassment ends here. is NOT lenient on harassment, and we handle harassment issues knowing the gravity of our responsibility. We seek to build a positive, uplifting community, and all incidents of harassment are handled according to our harassment policy. Making someone feel unsafe, name calling, any activity that endangers attendees or staff, and anything that makes our event unpleasant for someone else will not be tolerated - even in jest or "in character" as part of a cosplay. A little respect goes a long way!

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Tickets at the door: $30 Weekend OR $20 One Day

Incredible, entertaining events!

Every Friday and Saturday night at each of our conventions, hosts a huge dance with giant subwoofers and light shows. Our light and sound technicians have decades of combined experience providing amazing concert experiences. Expect quality content and professional presentation at all of our events and panels. ** COVID-19: Right now, these dance events won't be scheduled until social distancing is no longer required.

An convention.