Join us for a convention in downtown Omaha! We're excited to have our event at such a fantastic location, in the heart of downtown Omaha and with convenient access to all kinds of food options, entertainment, drinks, and more. Snag a room while they're still available to enjoy a convenient place to change into cosplay, and you can enjoy the convention with us all 3 days long!

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You can call to book your room!
Call for rooms: 402-998-3400 (Be sure to tell them you're with the KanpaiCon group)

Hilton Omaha
1001 Cass Street
Omaha, NE 68102
April 18 - 20, 2025

Hotel rooms for our attendees are just $103 per night.

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Venue Map

Kanpai!Con Location Map

Host a party?

Want to host a room party? Book a room at the convention hotel and let us know! We'll put your party in a key placement in the hotel in our room party block, and also give you two complimentary badges for the room party hosts.

Room parties of all kinds are encouraged - you can serve alcohol but you can also just host a fun all-ages anime screening party!

Room Party Rules

Hosting a room party can be a fun way to enjoy the convention. Of course this comes with rules and responsibilities; rules are never fun to say, but they are ever so necessary. The number one rule is: as long as you’re not breaking any other rule or law, have fun! If your question is not answered below, you can contact us for more information.

Please help keep the convention, it's attendees, and everyone at the hotel safe by following all the rules set by the hotel, all laws of the state of Nebraska, and all laws of the federal government of the United States. Please use common sense when it comes to your conduct. Any situation not covered by these rules, the con and its staff reserve the right to have the final say. The con has the right to refuse admission to any person for any reason it deems necessary. Decisions regarding room parties are at the sole discretion of the convention executives.

Party Registration: All room parties must be registered in advance with the convention. For the convenience of attendees, we will put all room parties on the same floor. This allows the rest of the hotel to be a quiet atmosphere for attendees who may want to sleep early. The con reserves the right to refuse a party being thrown at the con for any reason. Room parties that are not registered will be shut down.

Party Flyers: Party flyers must be approved at Con Ops before posting - then they can be posted on any bulletin board or stand provided by the convention. Flyers can not be taped to doors, and they cannot be posted on any wall surface of the hotel regardless of what material the wall is made of. Flyers may not be posted in the elevator. The only acceptable tape is masking tape. *All signage must be removed by 12:00pm on Sunday.

Adult Rules: It is the responsibility of every party or person to check the ID of the person in the room for any activities that require a certain age (eg Drinking/Etc). Parties not following the law will be subject to being shut down as well as possible legal action if the proper authorities deem it necessary it is the responsibility of the party or person hosting the party. Only legal forms of ID such as a valid drivers license or state issued ID should be accepted. Badges are not considered a legal ID, you must check a legal form of ID. The con accepts no responsibility or liability on this subject.

Smoking Rules: Smoking is only permitted in areas designated by the Hotel as smoking areas.

Furniture: The hotel will may or may not be willing to remove beds or other furniture from rooms this year. Please take this into consideration when planning your party. Usually they will not remove the beds, and you are asked do not remove/move the beds on your own.

Room Party Registration Is Easy - We will need the following information
Your Name: 
Your address: 
Your Cellphone #: 
Your Hotel Confirmation #: 
Check-in Date: 
Check-out Date: 
Approximate day(s) & time(s) the party will be held: 
Will there be alcohol? Y/N
Title of party:
Theme of party (might be self-explanatory based on title): 
Give us the name + cellphone of everyone else will be in charge of watching and hosting the party: 


If you have difficulties, or questions, please Email Us Here