Kanpai!: Cheers to Anime!

Kanpai!Con is a community-focused annual Japanese cultural appreciation convention, with a focus on anime, manga, and Japanese video gaming. Come to socialize with new friends in various settings, including our formal ball, room parties, and concerts. Wear your cosplay, meet incredible special guests, and have fun in a family-friendly convention setting.

Kanpai! Con Photo At The Event
Kanpai! Con Photo At The Event
Kanpai! Con Photo At The Event

Why did we start Kanpai!Con?

Kanpai! Con is an event for fans of anime, comic books, Japanese culture, and video games. We created this event because we wanted to give local Omaha anime fans a place to enjoy anime together.

What is AnimeCon.org?

AnimeCon.org is an organization based in Iowa that operates in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, and Minnesota, hosting anime conventions. Our long-time staff bring more experience organizing anime events than any other organization on Earth.

What do you do at the convention?